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Shugo Chara! (しゅごキャラ!, Shugo Kyara!?) is a Japanese shōjo manga series created by the manga author duo, Peach-Pit. The story centers on elementary schoolgirl Amu Hinamori, whose popular exterior, referred to as "cool and spicy" by her classmates, contrasts with her introverted personality. When Amu wishes for the courage to be reborn as her would-be self, she is surprised to find three colorful eggs the next morning, which hatch into three Guardian Characters: Ran, Miki, and Su.

Shugo Chara! is serialized in the magazine Nakayoshi and published by Kodansha in Japan. Del Rey has licensed the English language manga rights, releasing the first volume on March 27, 2007. It won the 2008 Kodansha Manga Award for best children's manga.

Shugo Chara! has also been adapted into a fifty-one episode anime television series of the same title produced by Satelight under the direction of Kenji Yasuda and debuted on October 6, 2007 on TV Tokyo. On July 20, 2008, Anime News Network announced that the Shugo Chara! anime would be continued for a second year under the title Shugo Chara!! Doki—, the first episode airing on October 10, 2008; the official anime website later announced an October 4, 2008 start date.


The heroine of the story, Amu Hinamori, is a student at Seiyo Elementary.[1] At first glance, her classmates deem her "cool and spicy" and rumors speculate about her personal life. However, her real personality is that of a very shy girl who has trouble showing her true personality. One night, Amu wishes for the courage to show her "would-be" self, and the next morning finds three brightly colored eggs—red, blue, and green—in her bed. At first, she is alarmed, but realizes she must have really wished to change. These eggs hatch into three Guardian Characters: Ran, Miki, and Su. The Guardian Characters aid Amu in discovering who she truly is and help fulfill Amu's dreams. Amu's life becomes much more complex as she struggles to deal with her "would-be" selves and the Seiyo Elementary's Guardians, who recruit Amu to search for X Eggs and X Characters, the corrupted forms of peoples' dreams.

Meanwhile, the Easter Company is extracting people's eggs in search of a special egg called the Embryo. The Embryo is believed to able to grant any wish to the one who possesses it. However, the process creates X Eggs and X Characters.


Main article: List of Shugo Chara! characters

The main heroine of the story is Amu Hinamori, a popular girl who is actually insecure. Peach-Pit uses Amu to explore differences between one's true self and the self that one presents to others. Like Jun Sakurada in Peach-Pit's previous work, Rozen Maiden, Amu tackles issues such as alienation and fitting in at school. Unlike most heroines in other magical girl series, Amu is neither the perfect sweetheart nor a complete klutz. Amu gets grumpy and frequently talks back to others in contrast to the polite schoolgirls that fill the genre.[2]

Amu's Guardian Characters—Ran, Miki, Su, and Diamond—aid her in her quest of self-discovery. Each Guardian Character represents an aspect of Amu's true self. Ran represents Amu's desire to be more honest and athletic, Miki represents Amu's desire to be more level headed and artistic, Su represents Amu's desire to be more caring and improve her domestic skills, while Diamond represents Amu's desire to be guided, a leader, and improve her musical skills. Moreover, the Character Guardians are more than mere mascots who help Amu learn about her true self. They can also perform a "Character Transformation" where Amu's personality is replaced by an entirely different one.[3]

However, Amu is not the only one with Guardian Characters. Each of the Guardians—Tadase Hotori, Nadeshiko Fujisaki, Kukai Soma, and Yaya Yuiki—have their own Guardian Characters. Amu also encounters Ikuto Tsukiyomi and Utau Hoshina, two siblings who also have Guardian Characters and are employed by the Easter Company to search for the Embryo.

Eventually, Nadeshiko Fujisaki and Kukai Soma leave the Guardians and are replaced by Rima Mashiro and Kairi Sanjo respectively. Kairi later leaves and is replaced by Nagihiko Fujisaki, Nadeshiko's real identity.



In December 2005, Peach-Pit announced that they were working on a new shōjo manga series called Shugo Chara! The first chapter was published in the February edition of Nakayoshi magazine[4] which went on sale on January 3, 2006. The first volume collection was then republished in July 6, 2006 by Nakayoshi publisher Kodansha.

In addition to the regular volumes, the series is being released in limited editions in Japan, each of which include different cover art from the regular editions, metallic foil sleeves, and a set of postcards featuring Amu in various outfits and poses following the color theme of the dust jackets.[5]

Currently, the Shugo Chara! manga has been put on a hiatus along with other works of Peach-Pit, because they are in hospitalization. [6]

Del Rey Manga announced that it acquired the English language rights to Shugo Chara! at MangaNEXT 2006 and released the first volume on March 27, 2007.[7][8]


Main articles: List of Shugo Chara! episodes and List of Shugo Chara!! Doki— episodes‎

Shugo Chara! was adapted into an anime television series of the same title in 2007. The television series is produced by Satelight under the direction of Kenji Yasuda and was first broadcast on the Japanese network, TV Tokyo. Consisting of fifty-one episodes, the first episode, "Shugo Chara Born!" (しゅごキャラ誕生!, Shugo Kyara Tanjō!?), aired on October 6, 2007. The episodes are rebroadcast by five other networks within a few days after the initial broadcast on TV Tokyo.[9]

Six pieces of theme music by the J-pop group Buono! are used for the first season—two opening themes and four closing themes. The opening theme for the first twenty-six episodes is "Egg of the Heart" (こころのたまご, Kokoro no Tamago?); and the last twenty-five episodes, "I Love Everyone" (みんなだいすき, Minna Daisuki?). The closing theme for the first twelve episodes is "True Self" (ホントのじぶん, Honto no Jibun?); episodes thirteen to twenty-six, "Renai ♥️ Rider" (恋愛♥️ライダー, Ren'ai ♥️ Raidā?); episodes twenty-seven to thirty-nine, "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"; and the last twelve episodes, "Do Your Best And Go!" (ガチンコでいこう!, Gachinko de Ikō!?).[9] Three are also three insert songs, all sung by Nana Mizuki: "Meikyū Butterfly", first sung in episode 12; "Black Diamond", first in episode 39; and "Heartful Song", first in episode 47.

A second year of episodes, under the title Shugo Chara!! Doki— (しゅごキャラ!!どきっ, Shugo Chara!! Doki—?), began airing the week after the fifty-first episode, on October 4, 2008; previously, Anime News Network reported that it was scheduled for October 10, 2008 on AT-X.[10] The second season's opening theme is "Everyone's Egg" (みんなのたまご, Minna no Tamago?) by Shugo Chara Egg! and the first ending theme by Buono!, "Lotta Love Lotta Love" (ロッタラ ロッタラ, Rottara Rottara?).[11] announced on November 19, 2008 that it will be streaming Shugo Chara! with English subtitles along with other anime series from TV Tokyo.[1
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